Bharya Serial Cast | Mridula Vijay | Sajan Surya | Ronson Vincent


Bharya Serial Cast | Mridula Vijay | Sajan Surya | Ronson Vincent

Lead Cast

  • Mridula Vijay Role as Rohini Sharath
  • Sajan Surya Role as Narendran
  • Ronson Vincent Role as Nandan
  • Arun G.Raghavan Role as Sharath
  • Alina Role as Nayana

Supporting Cast

  • Ilavarasan Role as Prof.Vishwanathan
  • Yuvarani Role as Jayaprabha Teacher
  • Lintu Tony Role as Rahana
  • Rajesh Hebbar Role as jose
  • Souparnika Vijay Role as Leena Surya
  • Devi Chandana Role as Durga
  • E A Rajendran Role as Jaggu/Jagan
  • Vijayakumari Role as Moothumma
  • Shobi Thilakan Role as S.I.Balaraman
  • Kulappulli Leela Role as Nayana's Grand mother
  • Sethu Lakshmi Role as Ammachi
  • Baby Krishna Priya Role as Lechu
  • Sarath Swamy Role as Manuel
  • Jose Peroorkada Role as Kurukan Saji
  • KPAC Leelamani Role as Chechi
  • Bindu Murali Role as Valyammachi
  • Vanchiyoor Praveen Kumar Role as Brocker
  • Harisree Martin Role as Duplicate Bapa
  • Blessy Role as Rakhi

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